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Create or configure metric type registration

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Create or configure metric type registration

Operational Metrics uses various data sources to collect raw metric data which is later processed and analyzed. These data sources must be registered in the system. For example, you can configure the pre-defined SCOM data source registration to control some aspects of how it processes raw data, or register a new data source.

Before you begin

Role required: evt_mgmt_admin

About this task

If raw data is pushed from a data source that is not registered, Operational Metrics automatically registers that source and adds a record in the SA Metric Type Registration table. By default, Registration Mode is set to Active, Type Default Mode is set to Active, and Generate Missing CIs is set to false in the new record.


  1. Navigate to Event Management > Operational Metrics > Metric Registration.
    All existing registered metric sources are displayed.
  2. Click an existing metric type to edit, or click New to create a new one.
    Column Description
    Source Source of metric type.
    Registration Mode Determines how to process an unknown metric that is detected in raw data:
    • Active: A new metric is automatically generated based on the unknown metric.
    • Inactive: The unknown metric is discarded.

    For SCOM, value is set to Inactive by default.

    Type default mode Determines if a metric that is automatically generated by the system, is set to be active or inactive.

    For SCOM, value is set to Inactive by default.

    Generate Missing CIs Determines how to process CIs in the raw data that could not be mapped to existing CIs:
    • true: Generate a new CI that is based on the raw CI that could not be mapped.
    • false: Discard the raw CI.

    For SCOM, value is set to false by default.