Legacy APD customization example: Customize the APD version File

This example adds a value to the version file that populates the asset_tag field of the ResourceNow application record.

  1. Open the existing environment file in an XML editor.
  2. Add a new XML tag within the <version> tags, at the end of the default subservices section.

    The tag name is arbitrary but must not contain any spaces. This example uses <custom>, but this tag could also be named <tagNumber>.

  3. Create a nested tag inside the custom tag that names the field in the Application [cmdb_ci_appl] table you want to populate.

    This tag name must match the name of a field in the Application [cmdb_ci_appl] table. This example uses <asset_tag>.

  4. Add a value for this tag.

    This value appears in the appropriate field in the application record.

  5. Save the version file.