Add or remove vCenter events from a collector

You can add or remove supported events from the vCenter event collector.

Before you begin

Role required: agent_admin, admin

About this task

Multiple MID Servers can listen to the same vCenter instance, but each MID Server can only have one event collector record associated with it. Make sure you configure the events on the event collector record that specifies the correct MID Server.


  1. Navigate to the relevant vCenter Event Collector record. This can be the same collector record as the one containing the supported vCenter events, but only if the same MID Server is used to gather the events.
  2. Click the Edit button in the vCenter Event related list.
  3. Select the events from the list and save the selection.
    Not every event is supported by the base system event handlers. See Supported vCenter events for a list of the events you can use without needed to create your own event handlers. If you want to handle other events, you must create a script action to process the events. For instructions, see Script actions. As a reference, the instance processes the vCenter events in the base system with a script action called Discovery: Process vCenter events. Do not edit or delete this script action.