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Application Profile Discovery example with proxy servers - Legacy

Application Profile Discovery example with proxy servers - Legacy

The RCD Corporation wants to discover details of their custom human resources application called ResourceNow and create relationships to other processes in their CMDB.

As the IT lead, you decide to use Application Profile Discovery (APD) to supply Discovery with information about the application for all the systems on which it is installed.

Some devices that you want to discover might be inaccessible to the MID Server. Examples of this are mainframe computers, a server whose credentials are not in the Credentials [discovery_credentials] table, and a switch that does not have a file system for storing XML files. For such devices, create an environment file that identifies the inaccessible device, and then put that file on a proxy server where the file is visible to the MID Server. Place the version file on the same proxy server, but in a different directory than the environment file. The MID Server locates the environment file in one of the expected locations on the proxy server and reads the path to the version file. The MID Server includes the environment and version data in the sensor package, without exploring the hidden system.

Complete the following tasks in the order in which they are listed: