Docker pattern

Discovery provides a pattern to collect data about Docker components.

To view the pattern for discovering the docker engine (cmdb_ci_docker_engine) and its components, navigate to Pattern Designer > Discovery Patterns and open Docker Pattern. For more information about Discovery patterns, see Pattern customization.

How Discovery launches the pattern

Discovery runs the Docker Engine process classifier in the network. If the classifier identifies the dockerd or docker daemon process, the classifier triggers the Horizontal Pattern (HorizontalDiscoveryProbe) probe, which launches the Docker Pattern and begins collecting data from Docker components.

CI types discovered

The pattern collects data for the main CI type, cmdb_ci_docker_engine, and for these related CI types:
  • cmdb_ci_docker_image
  • cmdb_ci_docker_local_image
  • cmdb_ci_docker_image_tag
  • cmdb_ci_docker_container