CI deletion strategies

When you perform discovery with a pattern, you can choose what to do with certain CIs that Discovery can no longer find.

Note: Deletion strategies are available only with patterns, not traditional probes and sensors.
When you use a pattern to perform discovery, you identify a CI Type, which is the main CI you are trying to find, such as an IIS web server or Tomcat server. Discovery can also find related CIs and populate the CMDB accordingly. For example, after Discovery finds an IIS server with the IIS pattern, it can also find these related CIs:
  • The Windows machine
  • The configuration files for the IIS server
  • The web site that the IIS server hosts
You can view the dependency map on the CI record of the IIS server as the following image illustrates:
Figure 1. An example of an IIS server main CI and its related CIs

After you discover the main CI and its related CIs for the first time with a pattern, Discovery puts an entry into the Related CI Types [sa_ci_to_pattern] table for each relation between the main CI a related CI type. These records are where you determine the deletion strategy for each related CI by the type to which it belongs. You cannot set a deletion strategy for the main CI.

You can view a list of the relations as the following image illustrates:
Figure 2. Example CIs related to an IIS server
An example of CIs related to an IIS server
The deletion strategy on a related CI takes effect when both of these conditions occur:
  • After you run Discovery with the pattern again.
  • Discovery successfully finds the main CI but cannot find the related CI.

These deletion strategy options are available:

Value Description
Keep Preserves the configuration file CI record and makes no other changes to the record. This option is the default setting.
Delete Deletes the configuration file CI record from the CMDB, and the relationship to the main CI.
Mark as absent Marks the Status [install_status] field of the configuration file CI record as Absent, meaning that Discovery cannot find the tracked configuration file. This status does not instruct the system to delete the actual CI or the relationship.
Delete relations Deletes only the CI relationships between the related CI and the main CI.