Add a resource operation to the execution plan

The base system includes a large set of predefined resource operations. Rarely, you might add a custom operation for a resource.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_cmp.cloud_service_designer


  1. While working in the blueprint designer, click the Operations tab and select the appropriate Blueprint Operation.
  2. Click the Steps tab, which lists the resource operations that the catalog item performs while deploying the resource. Click the add button (plus icon) to add a resource operation and then specify the following values:
    Stage resource Resource to perform the operation on
    Operation Operation to perform for the step. By default, Provision, Stop, Start and Deprovision are provided. You at least need a provision operation for a user to order a cloud catalog item.
  3. The system adds the appropriate attributes for the selected resource. Specify the following values for each attribute and then click Save:
    Show on form Select the check box to display the attribute on the Catalog Item request form.
    Mapping The default source of the attribute value, typically metadata from the service account. To update the value, modify the associated resource block as described in Create a custom resource block

What to do next

Create and configure a form for a catalog item.