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Cloud Management roles

Cloud Management roles

Every Cloud Management user is assigned one or more roles, often through user groups, that enable them to perform the desired functions.

Assign these roles to individual users already in the system, or to user groups.

Assigning these roles to groups allow you to share the quota limitations and the ownership of certain resources to all users within a group.

Descriptive name and

role name

Description Access rights in Cloud Management
Root administrator


Provides the highest level of application access for Cloud Management. All
Cloud administrator


Configures the Cloud Management application and sets up the cloud infrastructure.
Cloud infrastructure:
  • Service and cloud accounts
  • Networks and IPAM
  • Azure alert configurations


Monitors overall cloud usage and enforces compliance of the organization's rules, quotas, and policies. Also manages tags and permissions to various objects. Governance:
  • Policies
  • Pools
  • Quotas
  • Permissions
Service Designer


Creates blueprints, ARM and CloudFormation templates, and catalog items. Cloud Service Design:
  • Cloud templates
  • Blueprints
  • Blueprint catalog items
  • Resource blocks
Cloud user


Requests and manages stacks and resources. Cloud User Portal

When you assign the role to a group, all members of the group share quota limitations and ownership of certain resources.

Cloud operator


Monitors and troubleshoots the Cloud Management application. Dashboards and reports:
  • Cloud Operations Dashboard
  • Cloud Root Cause Analysis
  • Cloud Orchestration Trail
  • Cloud API Trail
Cloud Event Integration


Authorizes access to the instance for external cloud event integration, such as with Azure alert configurations. This role gives the access to the cloud event REST endpoint.
Cloud infrastructure:
  • Service and cloud accounts
  • Networks and IPAM
  • Azure alert configurations