SDLC Software Development Life Cycle plugin

The SDLC Software Development Life Cycle plugin further extends upon the Release Management v2 plugin by adding some new structures to accommodate the Software Development Life Cycle.

The SDLC plugin is designed to accommodate most non-agile development methodologies, including the common Waterfall method of development. This plugin adds more specific Feature types allowing for the independent management of notions (defects, enhancements, testing tasks, and so on) critical to successful software development.

The planning board is available as well, to take existing tasks and group them easily in particular parent tasks.

The following concepts power the Software Development Life Cycle, including different types of features included in a release.

Table 1. SDLC tables
Table Name Definition
Product [rm_product] Represent whole products whose releases are being managed.
SDLC Release [rm_release_sdlc] Represent individual versions of the product.
Enhancements [rm_enhancement] Represent an improvement to an existing product.
Defects [rm_defect] Represent a deviation from the expected behavior of a product.
Documentation [rm_doc] Represent documentation tasks for the product.
Testing [rm_test] Represent testing tasks for the product.
Figure 1. SDLC Tables
Table structure