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Create an artifact from a demand

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Create an artifact from a demand

You can create an artifact from the Demand menu.

About this task

When you create a demand, you specify a category and a type for that demand. The selections from the Category and Type fields determine the artifact that can be created from a demand: project, enhancement, change, or defect. The Project Portfolio Suite plugin must be activated to create an enhancement or a defect.


  1. Navigate to Demand > Demands > Create New.
  2. Enter a unique Name for the demand.
  3. Select a Category.
  4. Select a Type.
  5. If desired, select a Portfolio.
  6. Click Submit to save the record.
  7. Click the related link to create the artifact.
    The related link appears as:
    • Create Project
    • Create Enhancement
    • Create Defect
    • Create Change
    If a project is created, the Project field is added to the Demand form and populated with a unique, auto-generated project number. Any resource plans attached to the demand propagate to the project.