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Use the budget variance report

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Use the budget variance report

Use the Budget Variance report to see how expenses compare to budgets for cost centers, departments, locations, and vendors.

About this task

When you access this report, you can only see the budget data for the budget keys that the user in the Budget Owner choice list actually owns.


  1. Navigate to Financial Planning > Budget Planning > Variance. The report opens in another tab or window.
  2. Click the gear icon (gear icon) to configure settings for the report:
    Table 1. Report configuration options
    Setting Description
    Budget Model Shows budget data for the selected model.
    Group by The main segments you want to group by. Select the segment from the choice list. To change the segments, modify the ITFM_BudgetVariance script include.
    Subgroup by The segment you want to group by under the main segment. Select the segment from the choice list.
    Display description instead of name How you want to display the segment in the report. Click the switch to use the display description instead of the name of the department, vendor, and so on.
    Use Year-to-Date Instead of Fiscal Periods Sets the available time period for the data. Click the switch icon next to Use Year-to-Date instead of Fiscal Periods to use data for the current year. Turn off the switch to use fiscal periods, one of which you can select with the Fiscal Period choice list.
  3. Filter the report as needed.
    Table 2. Budget variance report filters
    Action Procedure
    Filter by a budget variance Enter the low end and high end of the range in the left and right-hand text boxes under Filter out by Variance. For example, to show only the budgets where the difference between the actual amount and the budgeted amount is between -1000 and 1000, enter (1000) in the left text box and 1000 in the right text box.
    Show data for a specific fiscal period and budget model. Select the period from the Fiscal Period and Budget Model choice lists.
    Show data for a specific budget owner. Select a user from the Budget Owner choice list. This list is filtered to show only the budget owners under you in the budget owner hierarchy.
    Show budget data for capital or operating expenses Select the Operating or Capital check boxes