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Budget keys

A budget key is a unique combination of values that the application uses to identify budget forecasts and budget plans.

Note: Budget keys replace account codes, starting with the Helsinki release.


Each budget key can have an owner, which has access to the budgets and plans associated with the key. See Budget owners and budget key owners for more information.


You can define the structure of the budget key by specifying the segments/code combination from the general ledger, such as the cost center, department, location, vendor, or any attributes. The budget key is a unique combination of values for these attributes. The combination of values is in a budget model hierarchy on a budget model.

Budget keys can be generated using Generate Budget Keys from the model. To generate budget keys, the segments used in the budget model have to be mapped to the data source column in the field map, if by default they were not mapped already. By default, the application has field mapping with cost center, vendor, location, department, and project. If you are using any code combination segments in the budget model hierarchy other than these segments mentioned, then it has to be explicitly mapped in the data source field map.

If there is an error when you manually generate budget keys, then verify the data source field map.

Figure 1. Segments for the Project Financials budget model
Budget model hierarchy

In the example shown, the hierarchy specifies the portfolio at the top of the hierarchy, and the project and demands as siblings below the portfolio. A key for budget plan that uses this budget model uses the actual portfolio name, such as Green IT Initiative. A key for a project in that budget plan, which appears as a budget item in the plan, can use an actual project name which is part of the portfolio, such as Jabber license. The key for the budget plan would be Green IT Initiative, while the key for the project would be Green IT Initiative > Jabber license.

Note: The budget key on a budget item must be at the lowest level in the hierarchy.

The fields that the application uses to create keys are determined by the values in the data source, such as the staged general ledger, for the segment relationships associated with the budget model.