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View business process capability map

View business process capability map

Use the business process capability map to visualize the business processes of your organization and their associated capabilities.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_apm.apm_analyst

About this task

As an Enterprise architect or IT executive, you can refer the capability map to analyze the business processes by their capability scores. The map further highlights the capabilities as major, medium, and minor gaps based on the score range to help you to identify target areas. You can further drill down to a specific capability to identify specific indicators, the performance of which is not up to your expectation and require attention. On identifying the areas of concern, you can create an idea, a goal, or a program to strengthen your business process.


  1. Navigate to Application Portfolio > Capability Assessments > Capability Map.
    Figure 1. Business process capability map
    Business process capability map

    The left pane of the map shows the capability map of the business process and the right pane shows the summary of the business process configuration item. The CI relationship that you create between a parent and a child configuration item is retrieved from the cmdb_rel_ci_list and is displayed in the capability map. The business process is the parent configuration item and the associated business capability is the child configuration item. Business capabilities describe the abilities that support a business process.

    Fiscal period
    The scores generated for the fiscal period of the configuration item. Select the fiscal period for the period you want to view the business processes and their associated capabilities.
    Filter Business Process
    Enter the business process in the Filter Business Process search field to restrict the business process records that appear in the map.
    Exclude Business Process not assessed
    Enable the Exclude Business Process not assessed check box to display only the business processes that are assessed and their related capabilities.
    CI Score
    The business capabilities of each business process are listed just below the business process. Each of these business capabilities has a value in a color-coded box, which indicates the CI score of the business capability CI. The data is retrieved from the Score column of the CI Scores table.
    Overall Score of the business service
    The average of the CI scores of all the business capabilities associated to the business process. Just before the business process in a color-coded box.
    Score breakup of a business capability
    The normalized value of each business capability indicator is shown as a Score breakdown on the right pane. Evaluate the business process by the cumulative score of the associated capabilities. You can drill down into each capability score.

    The right pane of the map shows a summary of the business processes.

    Business Process
    The column lists all the business processes per the fiscal period. It gives the details in a list view for a quick review.
    Overall Score
    These values are the same overall scores that you see on the left pane in the color-coded box of each business process.
    No. of Business Capability
    The column shows three numerical values, the sum of which is the total number of business capabilities that are associated to the business process. Segregating the numbers into three groups, underlined by different colors of minor gap, medium gap, and major gap, respectively, highlights the importance of your action. If it is a major gap, where the score is below 4, decide whether to add, upgrade, or replace the business application. Analyzing the business capabilities helps you to know how you are doing on the business process.
  2. Click a business capability to view the score breakups on the right pane.
    Figure 2. Business capability drilldown details
    Business capability drilldown details
    Business capability details
    The right pane shows the details of the business capability that you clicked.
    Overall score
    The overall score is the same as what you see on the left pane.
    Score breakdown
    Displays the indicators that are used to assess the business capability and their respective scores. The weighted average of these indicator scores generates the business capability score.
    Scores of Business Applications supporting the business service
    Lists the business applications that support the specific business process.
  3. Click create an idea, a goal, or a program to strengthen the business capabilities and support the business process.

    Legend: Color-code the business capabilities to red, orange, and green to indicate major gap, medium gap, and minor gap, respectively. The color helps the analyst identify what action to take.

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