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Create an enhancement request in Agile Development 2.0

Create an enhancement request in Agile Development 2.0

Create an enhancement request from Agile Development.

Before you begin

Role required: feature_user, scrum_story_creator, scrum_admin

The administrator must grant the feature_user role to all users who are expected to create enhancement request in the Agile Development application.


  1. Navigate to Agile Development > Enhancements.
  2. Fill in the fields, as appropriate.
    Table 1. Enhancement form fields
    Field Description
    Number A system generated number for the enhancement.
    Priority The priority assigned to the enhancement. A product owner can use priorities when creating stories.
    State Current state of the enhancement. The default is Draft.
    Assignment group The group to which the enhancement belongs.
    Assigned to The user assigned to the enhancement.
    Product The product with which this enhancement is associated. The field is required if the enhancement is part of product.
    Short Description A brief description of the enhancement.
    Description A detailed description of the enhancement.
  3. Click Submit.


The enhancement request is created and the form reopens with Stories related list. However, the platform conceals stories in the related list from users without a scrum role.

What to do next

A scrum product owner can review the request and decide whether to create user stories for it.