Story progress board in Agile Development 2.0

The story progress board helps track all the stories in a sprint toward completion. It displays the contents of the sprint from which the story board was launched.

The story progress board comprises of the following sections:

Progress board header

The header provides the following fields:
  • Context menu icon: An icon to open the story progress board context menu.
  • Group filter: Enables you to select the group for which you want to view the sprint.
  • Sprint filter: Enables you to select the sprint for which you want to view the stories.
  • Refresh options: The icon refreshing the progress board icon for manually refreshing the board after a story is updated. Additional refresh options enable you to set the refresh rate for the progress board. It ensures that changes made by other group members are updated in the progress board regularly.
    Figure 1. Progress board refresh options
    Screenshot for refresh options
Figure 2. Story progress board header
screenshot for story progress board header

Story board

Each card on the story board represents a story, which occupies a position in a State column. Each column on the story board represents a state through which a story moves in the sprint.

The fields and icons on the story objects help to manage and indicate the status of a story.

Figure 3. Story board example
Example screenshot for story board