Scrum charts in Agile Development 2.0

The Agile Development application provides charts that track sprint performance.

Group velocity chart
The velocity chart shows the estimated effort (in story points) delivered across multiple sprints by an assignment group. This view gives the scrum master an idea of the general capacity of the group over time and allows for more accurate sprint planning.

Velocity charts are most meaningful when sprint duration is constant and the available points for group members do not change between sprints. Use the velocity chart as guidance and not as a factual representation of what the group can produce in the next sprint.

Burndown chart
The burndown chart is one of the most important tools of a scrum team. It compares the ideal progress of a release or sprint from start to finish compared with the actual daily progress. These measurements help to manage the release and sprints more efficiently from day to day and to head off major issues.


At this stage, you should have planned the sprints for a group and completed at least one sprint. You can only view velocity charts for completed sprints. You can use burndown charts to track sprints in progress or for sprint retrospectives. For a complete list of the tasks required to use the agile process and links to the necessary procedures, see Agile Development process flow.