Test an assignment rule

You can test a new assignment rule to verify that it works as intended.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or hr_admin


  1. Create a new HR case.
  2. Fill in the fields with data that matches the assignment rule conditions.
  3. Submit the HR case.
  4. Reopen the case and check that the correct assignment information was added.

What to do next

If the correct assignment information was not added, check to see whether you are using HR skills and if the user has the required skills.
  • HR Administration > HR Services > HR Templates: Look at the template that corresponds to the assignment rule to see what skills, if any, are required.
  • HR Administration > Manage Roles > Manage HR Skills: Find the HR user assigned to the case and click the Skills: # button to see whether the required skill is assigned. If not, check the box to assign it, and click Save.
After verifying that the necessary skills are assigned to the correct users, test the assignment rule again.