View or modify Center of Excellence (COE)

HR Center of Excellence represents HR catalog categories, but also the service life cycle functionality across definition, request, and fulfillment.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_hr_core.admin

About this task

HR COE is the top-level bucket to group the services your company provides. It also:
  • Determines the case table to use when creating the service.
  • The service and record producer determines the case table.
  • The case table also determines the type of case when using the HR service.
There are pre-defined COEs in the HR Service Delivery application that extend the HR Case [sn_hr_core_case] table.
  • HR Employee Relations Case [sn_hr_core_case_relations]
  • HR Lifecycle Events Case [sn_hr_le_case]
    • Available with the Human Resources Scoped App: Lifecycle Events [com.sn_hr_lifecycle_events] plugin.
  • HR Payroll Case [sn_hr_core_case_payroll]
  • Talent Management [sn_hr_core_talent_management]
  • HR Total Rewards Case [sn_hr_core_case_total_rewards]
  • HR Workforce Administration Case [sn_hr_core_case_workforce_admin]
  • HRIT Operations Case [sn_hr_core_case_operations]
    Note: Tables are where cases get created. Creating a COE means creating a new table that extends the HR Case [sn_hr_core_case] table.