Job Tracker

Shows all current, successful, and failed synchronization jobs.

About this task

Job Tracker also shows the details of outbound (push) and inbound (pull) sync jobs.


  1. Navigate to HR Integrations > Job Tracker.
  2. Select an existing job from the list.
    Field Description
    Job Name The job that runs the integration sync.
    Job Started At Date and time stamp of when the job started.
    Job Ended At Date and time stamp of when the job ended.
    Current run date Current date and time for the synchronization job.
    Last run date The date the last time the sync job ran successfully.
    Previous run date The date and time the sync job previously ran successfully.
    Current external server time Used for syncing data.
    Domain Not applicable.
    Error message Only displays if the synchronization job fails.
    State The status of the synchronization job.
    HR Integrations Service Job Trackers Shows details of inbound (pull) synchronization job.
    HR Integrations Outbound Service... Shows details of outbound (push) synchronization job.

    The HR Integrations Service Job Trackers and HR Integrations Outbound Service tabs display.