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HR Integrations

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HR Integrations

You can integrate HR Service Delivery with HR management systems such as Workday and other third-party HR systems that use SOAP APIs with the assistance of the HR Integrations tool.

Integrate with the base Workday integration

The HR Integrations tool provides a base Workday integration that allows you to synchronize employee profile and leave of absence data between HR Service Delivery and the Workday service. Configured for version 24.1, you can use or further customize the base integration.

Integration is a four-part process:

  1. Provide source credentials for Workday
  2. Configure inbound integration for Workday
  3. Configure outbound integration for Workday
  4. Configure integrations job for Workday

By default, the following data is pulled from the Workday service:

  • Departments
  • Locations
  • Job profiles
  • Worker profiles
  • Effective worker profiles
  • Future worker profiles

By default, the following data is pushed to the Workday service:

  • Change legal name
  • Maintain contact information
  • Leave of absence

Integrate with other third-party HR services

You can use the base integration as a framework to integrate HR Service Delivery with other third-party HR systems that use SOAP APIs.

Activation information

The HR Integrations tool should automatically activate when you activate Case and Knowledge Management. If it does not, you can manually Activate HR Integrations.