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Using Employee Service Center

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Using Employee Service Center

From the Self-Service HR Service Portal, you can access your employee profile, get HR benefit and policy information, and request help from the HR team. Widgets without data do not appear on the HR Service Portal.

Figure 1. HR Service Portal
Note: You must have the sn_hr_sp.hrsp_employee role to access the HR Service Portal.
Example of the HR service portal.

The HR Service Portal is your primary interface to access your employee profile, HR services, view and acknowledge information, view and access assigned tasks, and view knowledge articles.

HR services are available for you to make requests from the HR team or to request HR-related information. Tasks, such as signing a document, are assigned to you through HR services. These tasks and the case history display on the portal.

What displays on the HR Service Portal depends on the roles assigned to you. For example, HR employees see additional information related to HR cases.

From the HR Service Portal, you can:
  • Search for HR knowledge articles that answer your questions and quickly access top-rated articles. As you type, articles are suggested based on keywords.
  • View your HR profile and upload a photo. You can update fields that are not disabled in your HR profile.
  • View your manager, co-workers, direct reports, or group organization chart.
  • View videos.
  • View announcements.
  • View a holiday calendar.
  • View and access a list of your to-dos with status. To-dos are based on HR cases or tasks.
  • View and access a list of legacy cases.
  • View a list of completed cases or tasks.
  • Link to the HR Ticket Page to view your HR cases, requests, and assigned tasks.
  • Submit HR questions that are not answered in HR knowledge articles.
  • Submit an HR request for services related to benefits, including leave of absence, relocation, profile updates, employee relations, and HR systems and reports. Also, you can request services related to payroll, including a corporate credit card; general inquiries, including an employment verification letter; onboarding new employees; and a travel visa.
  • Email or chat with an HR specialist. (An administrator must enable the HR chat queue for the link to appear.)
  • View requested approvals and cases or tasks awaiting approval.
    Note: Approvers that do not have the sn_hr_core.manager role cannot access the HR case after the state changes to Closed Complete.
  • Accept or reject HR cases or tasks.
  • View the onboarding team for new hires.
  • View the start date for new hires being onboarded.
Note: The HR Service Portal requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or above. The HR Service Portal page does not work in Microsoft IE9 or below. Use the HR Catalog module to submit an HR case.