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HR Service Portal Non-Scoped

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HR Service Portal Non-Scoped

The HR Service Portal application provides a single place for employees to quickly and easily get all the HR services they need in the non-scoped version of HR.

Use HR Service Portal as an employee or HR agent

Employees use non-scoped HR Service Portal
As an employee, you can update your HR profile, view your open cases, request HR services, attach documentation to a case, search the HR knowledge base, and chat with or email HR from the self-service HR Service Portal.
HR agents use non-scoped HR Service Portal
As an HR agent, you can define and maintain employee data for HR benefits, employee relations, systems, payroll, and employee data management.

Activation information

You need to Activate HR Service Portal Non-Scoped.

HR Service Portal

Depending on the user type, the HR Service Portal view can vary. This is an example of one view.

Note: The HR Service Portal requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or above.
HR Service Portal