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Automatically dispatch a task at qualification

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Automatically dispatch a task at qualification

Dispatch a task automatically at qualification by assigning the task to a dispatch group that has auto-assignment enabled.

Before you begin

Role required: wm_qualifier, wm_initiator_qualifier, or wm_admin

About this task

To activate the auto-dispatch phase of the work order workflow, navigate to Field Service > Administration > Configuration, select the Assignment tab, and select using auto-assignment for the Assignment method for tasks configuration option.


  1. Open a work order that is in the Awaiting Qualification state or one that has been qualified automatically.
  2. Open a task in the Draft state.
  3. Select a Dispatch group that has auto-dispatch defined.

    The choice list is not filtered. You must know which of your groups are configured for auto-dispatch.

  4. Ensure that the task has a location defined.

    Auto-dispatch will fail unless the task contains a valid location.

  5. In the Planned section, create a schedule for this task or let the system determine the times.

    By default, the current date and time appear in the Window start field. If you do not create a schedule or a fixed window, the Window start value is used to look for an agent who has that time slot open.

  6. Click Qualified.

    The view returns to the previous page, and a success message appears. The system assigns an agent to the task, enters the agent's assignment group in the task record, and moves the state to Assigned.

    If auto-dispatch fails, the message indicates either that no agent was available or that the task did not specify a location. The system moves tasks that fail auto-dispatch to the Pending Dispatch state.

  7. To auto-dispatch a task that failed previously, enter any missing information or change the schedule, and then click Auto-Dispatch.