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Reverse matching

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Reverse matching

Reverse matching uses the same matching rules to match tasks to a resource rather than resources to a task.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_customerservice_agent, sn_customerservice_manager, admin

About this task

The resource matching engine can match resources and tasks in two ways:
  • Forward: matches resources for a task
  • Reverse: matches tasks for a resource

The same matching rule can be used for both forward and reverse matching. In the customer service application, you can use reverse matching to determine which call the next available agent should take. Reverse matching returns a list of case sys_ids instead of user sys_ids. When using reverse matching, you can also limit the cases returned to a specific set.

The following example shows how to use reverse matching.

MatchingRuleProcessor.processAndGetCandidates(resource, taskLimit, "sn_customerservice_case", "reverse", false, [<array of cases to consider>])