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Provide feedback

Provide feedback

Provide feedback on content that you find useful.

About this task

There are four supported types of content feedback: comment, upvote, helpful, and mark as correct answer.
Table 1. Content Feedback
Content feedback Description
Comment Comment on blogs and videos. You can also comment on a comment. The count of comments is displayed.
Upvote Upvote questions. The count of upvotes is displayed.
Helpful Mark answers, blogs, comments, and videos as Helpful. The count of helpful marks is displayed.
Mark as Correct Answer If you are a community or forum administrator, community or forum moderator, or the author of the question, you can mark one answer as Mark as Correct Answer. There is only one correct answer for each question. If you later mark a different answer as correct, the current answer loses this status.


  1. Use search or navigation to find the content you like.
  2. Click the content, for example a blog, question, or answer.
  3. Choose the feedback depending on the content type.

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