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Communities setup guide

Communities setup guide

Define your requirements with community and forum stakeholders and set up your forums for community users to start creating content.


Role required: sn_communities.admin or sn_communities.forum_admin

Before you begin

Meet with the stakeholders
Stakeholder Responsibilities
Forum managers Define and oversee the forum processes for day-to-day operations related to topic creation, user management, and moderation.
Communities manager Configure advanced settings for Communities features.
Power users Contribute content in the form of questions, answers, blogs, and comments.
With stakeholders, determine your community requirements
  • Who are the consumers of the community content?
  • Which content types (questions, answers, blogs, and so on) can users contribute?
  • Who can contribute content and who should have read-only access?
  • What should the names of the initial forums be?
  • Within these forums, what should the names of the initial topics be?
  • Which keywords should be banned?
  • How should the system moderate content and users?
  • What should the default notifications that users receive for various community activities be?

What to do

Use the following steps as guidance to setting up your community forums.

1. Create a forum user
Create a forum userto use to define memberships to a forum.
2. Create a permission
Create a permission to use to define a user's access to a forum and its content types.
3. Add access and content types to your permission
Add access types to a permissionto determine the access that users have to certain forums and content.
4. Create a forum
Create a forum to provide a place for users to share content and configure the forum to allow registered users to request access to join.
5. Configure content types for a forum
Configure content types for a forum to define which types of content to use in a particular forum.
6. Create a forum permission
Create a forum permission by adding a forum user and a permission to a forum.

If required, perform the following actions:

Create permission exceptions
Create a permission exceptionfor users who require specific permissions for a forum.
Copy permissions
Debug user permissions
Debug user permissions to investigate and diagnose problems with user access to forums.

Next steps

Create a topic for users to create and share content.

Add a topic to a forum so that users can associate content to that topic.