Communities content types

There are five supported content types: questions, answers, blogs, comments, and videos.

Content types can be controlled at community and forum level. User access to content is based on the permissions they have. Users can enter content to the different content types and provide feedback on the content.

Table 1. Content types
Content type Description
Question Post a question about an issue or a challenge and get answers from other users. You can submit your question on the Community homepage and choose a forum or a topic to post it in. A question can be tagged to more than one topic.
Answer Reply to a user question or another answer with a possible solution or statement.
Blog Post a blog on a topic of interest to share with other users. You can include images and videos.
Comment Enter a comment to express an opinion or to react to a video or a blog.
Video Upload a video on a topic of interest for other users. Videos appear as web URLs that link to the most popular video sites. Communities supports playback from:
  • YouTube –
  • Vimeo –
  • DailyMotion –
  • Facebook –
Note: Videos can be included in other types of content, including questions, answers, blogs, and comments.