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Use the ODBC driver in Crystal Reports

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Use the ODBC driver in Crystal Reports

After installing the ODBC driver and its associated DSN, use it in Crystal Reports as a data source provider.

About this task

Note: Crystal Reports includes the configuration file CRConfig.xml that contains the JVM minimum heap size (Xms) and maximum heap size (Xmx) values. When configuring the ODBC driver with Crystal Reports, ensure the ODBC driver uses the same minimum and maximum JVM heap size as Crystal Reports. If these values do not match, update the ODBC driver settings, not the Crystal Reports settings.


  1. Create a new Standard Report.
    Crystal Reports Standard Report
  2. Create a new connection using the ServiceNow DSN.
    Creating a New Connection Using the ServiceNow DSN
  3. Select a table from the list of available tables.
    Selecting a Table from List of Available Tables
  4. Select the available fields from the selected table.
    Selecting the Available Fields from the Selected Table
  5. Click Finish to render the report.
    Rendered Crystal Report