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Deploy an application administration app

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Deploy an application administration app

Deploying a application administration application requires the target instance have at least one authorized user with the proper application admin role.

Before you begin

  • Role required: The application's admin role
  • Records required:
    • Application
    • User with application's admin role

About this task

This process assumes that your developer and production instances share at least one admin user.


  1. Develop the application on a development instance.
  2. Create the application admin role.
  3. Grant application administration to all admins.
  4. Update the application to enable application administration.
  5. Publish the application to the application repository.
  6. From a production instance, install the application from the application repository.
  7. As an admin on production, grant the application's admin role to the appropriate users.
  8. Remove application administration from admins.