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Pick a browser

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Pick a browser

If the test or test suite you are running contains steps that work with a form (any step involving a UI), or any other UI test step element (such as Automated Service Catalog test steps), the Pick a Browser dialog appears after clicking Run Test or Run Test Suite. It asks you to choose among any currently-running test clients, or start a new test runner.

Before you begin

Role required: admin, atf_test_admin or atf_test_designer.

You must have created the test you want to run.

The test execution property must be enabled. You must have an admin or atf_test_admin role to do so.
Note: The test execution property is disabled by default to prevent running tests on a production system. Run tests only on development, test, and other sub-production instances.


  1. All registered client test runners that are currently active appear in the Pick a Browser dialog. Chose the browser in which the test or test suite should run.
    (Current session) indicates that the browser is currently running. See Working with client test runners.
  2. Click Manage your test runners here as needed to view all client test runners registered for the current user.
  3. When client test runners are only available in other browsers for the current user, Start a new test runner appears. Click it if you want to open a client test runner in this browser session.
  4. Click the appropriate button to run the test. The button that appears is dependent on the type of test you are running:
    1. Click Run Test if running a single test.
    2. Click Run Test Suite if running a test suite.


The test or test suite runs in the selected browser or client test runner. The Progress viewer appears for monitoring of the progress of the test run.