Add or remove a task board member

You can add and remove task board members using the members tab of the activity stream. You can also promote assignees to board members.

Before you begin

Role required: none

About this task

Only members of a task board can access the board. Any board member can add or remove other members.


  1. On a Visual Task Board, open the task board tools.
  2. Click the members tab.
    Members tab
  3. Perform one of the following actions.
    Add a member
    1. In the Users section, click Add Members.
    2. Enter a user's name or select a user from the drop-down menu.
    Remove a member
    1. In the Members section, point to a user.
    2. Click the dash icon (-).
    Promote an assignee to a member
    1. In the Assignees section, point to a user.
    2. Click the upward arrow icon.
    Promote all assignees to members In the Assignees section, click Promote All.