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Add a task to a freeform board from a list

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Add a task to a freeform board from a list

You can add a task card to a freeform board from any table that extends Task. These cards represent records on whichever table you add them from.

Before you begin

Role required: none

About this task

You can add cards from multiple task tables, such as Incident or Problem, to the same freeform board.


  1. Navigate to a list of task records, such as Incident > Open.
  2. Perform either of the following actions.
    Add one task Right-click a record and select Add to Visual Task Board
    Add multiple tasks Select the check box beside each record you want to add and select Add to Visual Task Board from the actions choice list
    A pop-up window appears with a list of freeform task boards.
    Select a visual task board
  3. Click the name of the board you want to add the card to.
    A confirmation message appears.
  4. To view the board, click the board name in the confirmation message.
    The task appears in the first lane by default.