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Task board tools

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Task board tools

The task board tools area in a Visual Task Board contains several tabs, each represented by an icon.

Click an icon to open the tab. Click the same icon again to hide the tab. The tabs you see for each conversation depend on the conversation type and other conditions.

Table 1. Conversation tool tabs
Tab icon Tab name Description
Info tab icon Info Contains the following information about the task board:
  • Name
  • Board type
  • Table name and a link to open the table view (visible on data driven boards only)
  • Filter conditions (visible on data driven boards only)
  • Lane field (visible to the board owner, on data driven boards only)
  • Owner
  • Number of lanes
  • Number of cards
  • URL
Members tab icon Members Lists all members and assignees of the board. You can add or remove board members, promote assignees to be members, and filter the board by member or assignee.
Label tab icon Labels Use labels to visually distinguish tasks on the task board. Filter board contents by toggling the label. You need to enable labels before being able to use this tab.
Activity tab icon Activity Displays all of the activity for cards on the board.
Configuration tab icon Configuration Configure the settings for the task board. This setting is only available for the board owner. For more information, see Configure the task board