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Operators available for filters and queries

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Operators available for filters and queries

The system provides a set of operators for use with filters, condition builders, and encoded queries. The data type of a field determines what operators are available for it.

Table 1. Operators available for condition builders
Operator label Example condition Equivalent query operator Example query
AND [Active][is][True][AND][Caller][is not empty] ^ active=true^CallerISNOTEMPTY
OR condition [Short description][is empty][OR][Description][is empty] ^OR short_descriptionISEMPTY^ORdescriptionISEMPTY
OR filter

All these conditions must be met

[Short description][is empty]

OR all these conditions must be met

[Description][is not empty]


new query

Table 2. Operators available for string fields
Operator label Example condition Equivalent query operator Example query
starts with [Short description][starts with][SAP] STARTSWITH short_descriptionSTARTSWITHSAP
ends with [Short description][ends with][outage]
  • %
contains [Short description][contains][SAP]
  • *
  • LIKE
does not contain [Short description][does not contain][SAP]
  • !*
short_descriptionNOT LIKESAP
is [Short description][is][Network storage unavailable] = short_description=Network storage unavailable
is not [Short description][is not][Network storage unavailable] != short_description!=Network storage unavailable
is empty [Short description][is empty] ISEMPTY short_descriptionISEMPTY
is not empty [Short description][is not empty] ISNOTEMPTY short_descriptionISNOTEMPTY
is anything [Short description][is anything] ANYTHING short_descriptionANYTHING
is empty string [Short description][is empty string] EMPTYSTRING short_descriptionEMPTYSTRING
less than or is [Short description][less than or is][s] <= short_descriptionlt;=s
greater than or is [Short description][greater than or is][s] >= short_description>=s
between [Short description][between][q] and [t] BETWEEN short_descriptionBETWEENq@t
is same [Short description][is same] as [Description] SAMEAS short_descriptionSAMEASdescription
is different [Short description][is different] from [Description] NSAMEAS short_descriptionNSAMEASdescription
Table 3. Operators available for reference fields
Operator label Example condition Equivalent query operator Example query
is [Caller][is][Don Goodliffe] = caller_id=9ee1b13dc6112271007f9d0efdb69cd0
is not [Caller][is not][Don Goodliffe] != caller_id!=9ee1b13dc6112271007f9d0efdb69cd0
is empty [Caller][is empty] ISEMPTY caller_idISEMPTY
is not empty [Caller][is not empty] ISNOTEMPTY caller_idISNOTEMPTY
starts with [Caller][starts with][Don] STARTSWITH caller_idSTARTSWITHDon
ends with [Caller][ends with][liffe]
  • %
contains [Caller][contains][on]
  • *
  • LIKE
does not contain [Caller][does not contain][on]
  • !*
caller_idNOT LIKEon
is anything [Caller][is anything] ANYTHING caller_idANYTHING
is same [Caller][is same] as [Assigned to] SAMEAS caller_idSAMEASassigned_to
is different [Caller][is different] from [Assigned to] NSAMEAS caller_idNSAMEASassigned_to
is empty string [Caller][is empty string] EMPTYSTRING caller_idEMPTYSTRING
is (dynamic) [Caller][is (dynamic)][Me] DYNAMIC caller_idDYNAMIC54635e965f510100a9ad2572f2b4774c
Note: Not all operators are available for all reference types. Depending on the reference you select, you may see a shorter list of operators.
Table 4. Operators available for choice fields containing strings
Operator label Example condition Equivalent query operator Example query
is [Subcategory][is][Email] = subcategory=email
is not [Subcategory][is not][Email] != subcategory!=email
is one of [Subcategory][is one of][DB2, MS SQL Server, Oraclel] IN subcategoryINdb2,sql server,oracle
is not one of [Subcategory][is not one of][DB2, MS SQL Server, Oraclel] NOT IN subcategoryNOT INdb2,sql server,oracle
contains [Subcategory][contains][Em] LIKE subcategoryLIKEem
starts with [Subcategory][starts with][Em] STARTSWITH subcategorySTARTSWITHem
ends with [Subcategory][ends with][il]
  • %
does not contain [Subcategory][does not contain][Em] NOT LIKE subcategoryNOT LIKEem
is anything [Subcategory][is anything] ANYTHING subcategoryANYTHING
is same [Subcategory][is same] as [Category] SAMEAS subcategorySAMEAScategory
is different [Subcategory][is different] from [Category] NSAMEAS subcategoryNSAMEAScategory
Table 5. Operators available for choice fields containing integers
Operator label Example condition Equivalent query operator Example query
is [Impact][is][1 - High] = impact=1
is not [Impact][is not][1 - High] != impact!=1
is one of [Impact][is one of][1 - High, 2 - Medium] IN impactIN1,2
is not one of [Impact][is not one of][1 - High, 2 - Medium] NOT IN impactNOT IN1,2
is empty [Impact][is empty] EMPTY impactISEMPTY
is not empty [Impact][is not empty] NOTEMPTY impactISNOTEMPTY
less than [Impact][less than][2 - Medium] < impact<2
greater than [Impact][greater than][2 - Medium] > impact>2
less than or is [Impact][less than or is][2 - Medium] <= impact<=2
greater than or is [Impact][greater than or is][2 - Medium] >= impact>=2
between [Impact][between][1 - High] and [2 - Medium] BETWEEN impactBETWEEN1@2
is anything [Impact][is anything] ANYTHING impactANYTHING
is same [Impact][is same] as [Urgency] SAMEAS impactSAMEASurgency
is different [Impact][is different] from [Urgency] NSAMEAS impactNSAMEASurgency
Note: The operators ‘less than or is’ and ‘greater than or is’ are not supported for integer fields in the condition builder. Use a scripted condition instead.
Table 6. Operators available for date-time fields
Operator label Example condition Equivalent query operator Example query
on [SLA due][on][Today] ONToday sla_dueONToday@javascript:gs.daysAgoStart(0)@javascript:gs.daysAgoEnd(0)
not on [SLA due][not on][Today] NOTONToday sla_dueNOTONToday@javascript:gs.daysAgoStart(0)@javascript:gs.daysAgoEnd(0)
before [SLA due][before][Today] < sla_due<javascript:gs.daysAgoStart(0)
at or before [SLA due][at or before][Today] <= sla_due<=javascript:gs.daysAgoEnd(0)
after [SLA due][after][Today] > sla_due>javascript:gs.daysAgoEnd(0)
at or after [SLA due][at or after][Today] >= sla_due>=javascript:gs.daysAgoStart(0)
between [SLA due][between][Yesterday] and [Today] BETWEEN sla_dueBETWEENjavascript:gs.daysAgoStart(1)@javascript:gs.daysAgoEnd(0)
trend (on or after) [SLA due][trend][on or after][Monday] DATEPART sla_dueDATEPARTMonday@javascript:gs.datePart('dayofweek','monday','GE')
trend (on or before) [SLA due][trend][on or before][Monday] DATEPART sla_dueDATEPARTMonday@javascript:gs.datePart('dayofweek','monday','LE')
trend (after) [SLA due][trend][after][Monday] DATEPART sla_dueDATEPARTMonday@javascript:gs.datePart('dayofweek','monday','GT')
trend (before) [SLA due][trend][before][Monday] DATEPART sla_dueDATEPARTMonday@javascript:gs.datePart('dayofweek','monday','LT')
trend (on) [SLA due][trend][on][Monday] DATEPART sla_dueDATEPARTMonday@javascript:gs.datePart('dayofweek','monday','EE')
relative (on or after) [SLA due][relative][on or after][1][Hours][ago] RELATIVEGE sla_dueRELATIVEGE@hour@ago@1
relative (on or before) [SLA due][relative][on or before][1][Hours][ago] RELATIVELE sla_dueRELATIVELE@hour@ago@1
relative (after) [SLA due][relative][after][1][Hours][ago] RELATIVEGT sla_dueRELATIVEGT@hour@ago@1
relative (before) [SLA due][relative][before][1][Hours][ago] RELATIVELT sla_dueRELATIVELT@hour@ago@1
relative (on) [SLA due][relative][on][1][Hours][ago] RELATIVEEE sla_dueRELATIVEEE@hour@ago@1
is empty [SLA due][is empty] ISEMPTY sla_dueISEMPTY
is not empty [SLA due][is not empty] ISNOTEMPTY sla_dueISNOTEMPTY
is anything [SLA due][is anything] ANYTHING sla_dueANYTHING
is same [SLA due][is same] as [Activity due] SAMEAS sla_dueSAMEASactivity_due@day
is different [SLA due][is different] from [Activity due] NSAMEAS sla_dueNSAMEASactivity_due@day
is more than [SLA due][is more than][1][Days][before][Activity due] MORETHAN sla_dueMORETHANactivity_due@day@before@1
is less than [SLA due][is less than][3][Days][before][Activity due] LESSTHAN sla_dueLESSTHANactivity_due@day@before@3
Table 7. Operators available for numeric fields
Operator label Example condition Equivalent query operator Example query
is [Reassignment count][is][0] = reassignment_count=0
is not [Reassignment count][is not][0] != reassignment_count!=0
is empty [Reassignment count][is empty] EMPTY reassignment_countISEMPTY
is not empty [Reassignment count][is not empty] NOTEMPTY reassignment_countISNOTEMPTY
less than [Reassignment count][less than][2] < reassignment_count<2
greater than [Reassignment count][greater than][2] > reassignment_count>2
less than or is [Reassignment count][less than or is][2] <= reassignment_count<=2
greater than or is [Reassignment count][greater than or is][2] >= reassignment_count>=2
between [Reassignment count][between][1] and [2] BETWEEN reassignment_countBETWEEN1@2
is anything [Reassignment count][is anything] ANYTHING reassignment_countANYTHING
is same [Reassignment count][is same] as [Reopen count] SAMEAS reassignment_countSAMEASreopen_count
is different [Reassignment count][is different] from [Reopen count] NSAMEAS reassignment_countNSAMEASreopen_count
greater than field [Reassignment count][greater than field][Reopen count] GT_FIELD reassignment_countGT_FIELDreopen_count
less than field [Reassignment count][less than field][Reopen count] LT_FIELD reassignment_countLT_FIELDreopen_count
greater than or is field [Reassignment count][greater than or is field][Reopen count] GT_OR_EQUALS_FIELD reassignment_countGT_OR_EQUALS_FIELDreopen_count
less than or is field [Reassignment count][less than or is field][Reopen count] LT_OR_EQUALS_FIELD reassignment_countLT_OR_EQUALS_FIELDreopen_count
Table 8. Operators available for boolean fields
Operator label Example condition Equivalent query operator Example query
is [Active][is][true] = active=true
is not [Active][is not][true] != active!=true
is empty [Active][is empty] ISEMPTY activeISEMPTY
is not empty [Active][is not empty] ISNOTEMPTY activeISNOTEMPTY
is anything [Active][is anything] ANYTHING activeANYTHING
is same [Active][is same] as [Made SLA] SAMEAS activeSAMEASmade_sla
is different [Active][is different] from [Made SLA] NSAMEAS activeNSAMEASmade_sla
Table 9. Operators available for email notifications
Operator label Example condition Equivalent query operator Example query
changes [State][changes] VALCHANGES stateVALCHANGES
changes from [State][changes from][Awaiting User Info] CHANGESFROM stateCHANGESFROM4^EQ
changes to [State][changes to][Awaiting User Info] CHANGESTO stateCHANGESTO4^EQ