Create licenses and counters for distributed software

Licenses and software counters are associated with the software model and must be created if you want to track the license for software deployed by client software distribution (CSD).

Before you begin

Role required: sam or admin

You can create software licenses and counters in Software Asset Management for software items deployed from the service catalog by CSD. CSD depends on the software counter result to determine if the license is available for the requested software. If the license Valuation is greater than 0, and the license type is Not allocated, CSD assumes that the license is available for the software.


  1. Navigate to Software Asset > Software Licenses.
  2. Add a new software license for the software model you used in CSD.
  3. Navigate to Software Asset > Reconciliation > Software Counters.
  4. Create a software counter for the software model you created.
  5. Run the counter to retrieve the software license information.