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Manage follow-on tasks

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Manage follow-on tasks

Users with the certification_admin or admin role can see all follow-on tasks.

About this task

Tasks are pre-assigned to a user or group as specified in the audit record, but users with the certification_admin role can reassign the task.


  1. Navigate to the appropriate application:
    • Compliance > Architecture Compliance > Follow On Tasks
    • Compliance > Desired State > Follow On Tasks
    • Compliance > Scripted Audits > Follow On Tasks
    The list of follow-on tasks appears, filtered by audit type.
    Figure 1. Arch Comp Task Audit Type
    Arch comp task audit type
  2. Open a task.

    The Audit and Configuration item fields are read-only for all users.

  3. Edit the Assignment group or the Assigned to field if necessary.
  4. Edit the Short description field if necessary.
    The short description is inherited from the Task description field in the Audit form.
    Figure 2. Arch Comp Task
    Arch comp task
  5. Use the links in the Audit Results related list to open the individual records that failed the audit.
  6. If you update the follow-on task record, be sure to add work notes.