Unsupported features in Service Portal

Service Portal is an alternative presentation layer for the platform. As such, not all features of the platform are extended to Service Portal. Consider your full application and the abilities of Service Portal before making considerable investments. ServiceNow will continue to enhance Service Portal over time.

Not currently supported

  • Domain separation
  • Approvals with e-signature

No plans to support

  • Click-through/pop-ups
  • UI macros
  • Formatters
  • UI actions marked as Client
  • Nested container Catalog variables

Some client scripting globals are also unavailable in Service Portal. For more information, see Service Portal and client scripts.

It is best to think of the scripting within the widget itself separately from the scripting that connects to platform functionality. This restriction has the potential to change your approach on how your portal behaves. Be very mindful in the design stages as to these nuances.

Within the widget itself, there are few restrictions with the scripting that you can do for client side behavior, however when communicating with the platform there are restrictions and limitations that you should be aware of, as described in the next few paragraphs.