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The ValidateLowestCommonTable validator reports the lowest table in the Glide hierarchy that the workflow uses.

For example, the Requested Item [sc_req_item] table is the lowest table in a workflow containing a Catalog Task activity. This information is significant to a designer who wants to change the table against which an existing workflow runs after adding activities to the canvas.

Note: This validator provides information only. It does not indicate an error or warning condition.

Validation summary

  • Risk: This validator informs only and has no risk associated with it.
  • Severity Level: Data/Information
  • Valid Result: Valid
  • Valid Message: The lowest common table in this workflow is <<table_name>.
  • Invalid Result: N/A (informational only)
  • Invalid Message: N/A (informational only)
  • Suggested Action: None
  • Publishable: Yes
  • Runnable: Yes
  • Related Information: Tables and classes, Workflow activities