WorkflowCoordinator object

A WorkflowCoordinator object specifies which subflows to run and the input variables to pass to those subflows.

When using a WorkflowCoordinator object, you can create a Parallel Flow Launcher activity that launches multiple subflows. When using the activity without a WorkflowCoordinator object, you can only launch a single subflow multiple times. Use one of the following methods to specify a WorkflowCoordinator object for the activity when the Advanced activity input variable is selected.
  • Reference a workflow scratchpad variable that contains an existing WorkflowCoordinator object. To save a WorkflowCoordinator object to the scratchpad, call the save(variableName) function on the WorkflowCoordinator object. You can reference the object using the value passed in the variableName parameter. For example, you can create a WorkflowCoordinator object in a Run Script activity, save the object using <object>.save('coord'), and then call this object by entering coord in the Workflow activity variable of a subsequent Parallel Flow Launcher activity.
  • Define the WorkflowCoordinator within the Workflow activity variable. Add the javascript: identifier at the beginning of the script. The Parallel Flow Launcher example shows how to use a WorkflowCoordinator object in this way.
  • Create a factory class to define the WorkflowCoordinator object. The system does not provide a factory class for WorkflowCoordinator by default.