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Define a survey question

Define a survey question

How to define survey questions (wizard variables).

  1. In the Wizard Variable related list, click New.
  2. Enter the variable details as listed in the table.
  3. In the Read roles field, add the public role.

    Configure the form to add the Read roles field, if necessary.

  4. Click Submit.
  5. Repeat steps 1 – 4 for all variables in the table.
    Table 1. Wizard variables details table
    Type Name Question Additional configuration
    CheckBox office Microsoft Office Suite
    CheckBox creativesuite Adobe Creative Suite
    CheckBox other Other
    Label needs Business software you use (select all that apply):
    Single Line Text otherprod Please specify:
    Numeric Scale powerpoint PowerPoint Scale min: 1
    Numeric Scale word Word Scale min: 1
    Numeric Scale excel Excel Scale min: 1
    Numeric Scale publisher Publisher Scale min: 1
    Numeric Scale access Access Scale min: 1
    Yes/No photoshop Photoshop Default value: No
    Yes/No illustrator Illustrator Default value: No
    Yes/No acrobat Acrobat Default value: No
    Yes/No dreamweaver Dreamweaver Default value: No
    Multi Line Text project_description Describe projects for which you use these tools: Mandatory: true

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