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Create a fixed wizard banner step

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Create a fixed wizard banner step

How to create fixed wizard banner steps.

About this task

Steps displayed in this banner can be manually defined or automatically generated.


  1. Select Fixed number of (user defined) steps from the Banner type dropdown.
  2. Select the Banner steps related list and click New.
  3. Assign a name to your banner step. This name is what appears on the wizard.
  4. Assign a display order (such as 100, 200, 300).
  5. Repeat steps 2 – 4 for each banner step in the wizard.
  6. On the wizard record, click the Wizard Panels related list.
  7. In the Banner step field, enter the banner step that is completed when the wizard panel is displayed. Completed steps display in green in the wizard banner.
    Note: You may need to configure the list to add the Banner step field.
    Wizard panels related list