Mobile Home Pages form

Configure the look and feel of mobile home pages.

Administrators can configure more than one home page for their users. Each additional home page is accessible to users by swiping to the left from the main home page. The sort order, accessible from the Home Page Collections related lists, defines the Home page order. Administrators can also configure home pages by role.

Table 1. Mobile home page fields
Field Description
Title Title of the home page. The title appears on the home page.
Title position Determines the location of the title in the app or mobile web. Selecting Navigation Bar overrides the theme configuration and adds the title in place of the main header bar. Use Hidden to hide the title.
Subtitle Create an additional title to describe the page. Subtitle appears below the title or header image.
Header image Optional. Select an image to appear at the top of the mobile home page. A header image lets you visually communicate the purpose of the home page. Note the following guidelines:
  • Use a high-resolution image that looks good at different sizes and aspect ratios. The display size and aspect ratio of a header image vary by the device screen size. Since it is not possible to specify a fixed display size for a header image, use a high-quality image that works for different screen sizes.
  • Avoid text on a header image. Text can be cropped or appear blurry when the image is scaled for different screen sizes. Also, text is not localized because the header image is a static file. Use the home page title and subtitle properties to include any text on a home page.
  • Avoid using a company logo as a header image. Ideally a header image artistically represents the purpose of the home page. If a logo is needed, create a custom mobile theme (sys_ui_mobile_theme) with a title image that includes the company logo in the navigation bar of the home screen.
Roles Configure a home page by role.