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Configure a survey in the survey designer

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Configure a survey in the survey designer

The configuration values you use in this procedure are applied to the entire survey.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or survey_admin


  1. Select Configuration in the survey designer.
  2. Complete the Survey Designer Configuration form.
    Table 1. Survey Designer Configuration form
    Field Description
    Active Check box for enabling the distribution of this survey to recipients.
    Anonymize responses Check box to ensure that all responses for this survey are stored without the submitting user names. When a user submits a survey, the system clears the Assigned to field for the associated survey instance. Also, survey responses for anonymous surveys do not contain Assigned to values.
    Note: The Assigned to field is cleared. However, each response record includes the Created By and Updated By fields that are accessible to users with the survey_admin role.
    Description Description of this configuration or the survey to which it is attached.
    Introduction Introductory content to display on surveys. You can add a welcome message or background information about the survey.
    Signature Acknowledgement by a survey recipient of requirements, admonitions, or expectations related to a survey.
    Return URL Destination address of a web page that is presented to users after they submit a completed survey. When a return URL is configured, the End note content does not appear.
    End note Content that is displayed to recipients after they submit a completed survey. You can add a thank you message, follow-up instructions, or other applicable information. End notes are not displayed if a Return URL is specified.
    Pagination setting for Service Portal view The setting on which the pagination is based for desktop or tablet view in Service Portal.
    • Category: default
    • Question: 1 question per page (automatic for mobile)
    • None: no pagination
    Note: This field is displayed only when Service Portal is installed.
    Duration Amount of time that recipients are given to complete this survey, starting from the time that the survey is generated. The default duration is 14 days.
    Note: By default, the system runs the Cancel Expired Assessments script every 30 days to cancel expired survey and assessment instances that are in the Work in progress or Ready to take states.