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Provide credentials to access a SOAP message WSDL

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Provide credentials to access a SOAP message WSDL

If the SOAP WSDL you are requesting in a test payload requires authentication, you must provide basic auth credentials in either the SOAP message or the SOAP activity.

Before you begin

Role required: web_service_admin, activity_admin, activity_creator

The ServiceNow instance only supports basic auth credentials for accessing a WSDL. If the SOAP function or the SOAP message does not provide these credentials, you must configure them in the SOAP activity template. Orchestration uses these priorities for deciding which basic authentication credentials to use:
  • SOAP message: Credentials for a SOAP message are used if no other credentials are defined.
  • SOAP function: Credentials for a SOAP function override the credentials configured for the SOAP message.
  • SOAP activity template: Credentials for a SOAP activity template override both the SOAP function and SOAP message credentials.


  1. Navigate to System Web Services > Outbound > SOAP Message.
  2. Select the SOAP message you want the activity to use.
  3. In the SOAP Message record, select the Download WSDL check box.
  4. In the Authentication type field, select Basic.
    The Basic auth profile field appears.
  5. Select the basic auth profile to use with this SOAP message.
    Figure 1. Basic authentication for a SOAP message
    Basic authentication for a SOAP message
  6. Alternately, you can configure basic authentication credentials in Configure the SOAP execution command.
    1. In the Authentication field, select Override with Basic Authentication credentials.
      The Credentials field appears.
    2. Select the basic auth credentials to use to access the WSDL.
      This setting overrides any credentials configured in the SOAP message.
      Figure 2. Override basic auth credentials
      Override basic auth credentials