Add a chart to a form

Add a chart to a form to show your users graphical data related to the form. For example, you could show an incident SLA-related chart on the Incident form so your users can see how well service level agreements are being met.

Before you begin

Role required: personalize_form
Note: The following report types are not supported on forms: List, Pivot, Multilevel Pivot, Calendar, and Single Score.

About this task

Figure 1. Chart on a form
Chart on the Incident form


  1. Navigate to System UI > Forms.
  2. Select the form you want to configure.
  3. Click the context menu icon (Context menu icon) and select Configure > Form Layout.
  4. Using the slushbucket, select * Chart.
  5. Enter a Label in the chart details.
  6. Click Save to return to the form.
  7. Click Configure chart.
  8. Select a chart in the Report field and configure other options as desired.
  9. Click Update.