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Associate multiple category users to multiple assessable records

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Associate multiple category users to multiple assessable records

The stakeholder list helper in the create stakeholders module is the most efficient way to associate multiple category users to multiple assessable records in a single interface.

Before you begin

Role required: assessment_admin or admin

About this task

You can select category users from one category at a time.
Note: You cannot edit or delete stakeholders using the list helper.


  1. Navigate to Assessments > Advanced > Create Stakeholders.
    The stakeholder list helper appears.
    Stakeholder list helper
  2. Select a metric type from the list of available types.
    Note: Only metric types for scheduled assessments are available. On-demand assessments do not use category users or stakeholders.
  3. Select a category from the list of available categories.
    Note: Only categories within the selected metric type are available.
    The system populates the Category User and Assessable Records lists with category users and assessable records associated to the selected category.
  4. Select one or more category users from the Category Users list.
  5. Select one or more assessable records from the Assessable Records list.
  6. Click the Associate arrow between the lists to complete the association.
    A message above the list helper advises you that the selected category users are now stakeholders for the selected assessable records.