Data types for quizzes

Table 1. Available data types
Data type Description
Attachment Question with a Manage Attachments icon that allows users to attach one or more files.
Boolean Question with a check box or a Yes/No list for user responses.
Choice List of predefined options. For more information, see the definition for Choices Create quiz questions.
Date Date field.
Date/Time Time and date field.
Number Number field with predefined minimum and maximum values. The default is 1-10.
Percentage Percentage field with a prescribed range.
Scale Predefined Likert scale. Answer options appear as radio buttons.
Numeric scale Selectable number scale. The default is 1-5. Answer options appear as radio buttons.
String Single or multi-line text field.
Template Choice list of templates that provide a predefined scale of options. For details, see Configure a template question.
Reference Choice list of fields from a specified reference table. This data type does not support reference qualifiers.