Assessment notifications

You can configure the system to send email notifications for assessments.

You can configure any of the following types of notification during the process of generating assessable records:
  • Notify assessment user: This messages notifies you of an assigned an assessment and includes the type, the due date, and basic instructions. The message also contains a link to the record where you take the assessment.
    Note: If a user has a pending assessment, then the system will not generate another instance of the same assessment.
  • Remind assessment user: This message reminds you of the due date if half the time passes and you have not completed the assessment. The message content is the same as the first notification.
  • Notify manager assessment is overdue: If you do not complete an assessment by the due date, the system may send a notification to your manager, depending on configuration.
Note: By default, the system runs a script every 30 days to cancel expired assessment and survey instances that are in the Work in progress or Ready to take states.