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Visual Task Boards release notes

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Visual Task Boards release notes

Visual Task Boards product enhancements and updates in the Istanbul release.

With Visual Task Boards, you can view and update multiple task records, which appear as cards that can be moved between lanes.

New in the Istanbul release

Board Tools
Board members can view all of the configuration options, settings, and information for a board in a single location.
Create new board
Users can create either a freeform or a data driven board using the New button on the Visual Task Board homescreen. Users who choose a freeform board are automatically transferred to a blank board. Selecting a data driven board gives users the option to select the base table for the board, a field value for the lanes, and optionally, a board query to filter out specific cards.
Favorite a board
Board members can favorite a board by selecting the star in the board information panel. Favoriting a board adds the board to the favorites tab of the application navigator.

Changed in this release

  • Boards are organized into three different tabs on the Visual Task Board homepage:
    • All boards
    • Boards you own
    • Boards you belong to
  • Users can navigate through cards in a lane by using the arrow buttons in a task card.
  • Load Filter, Save Filter, and Clear All have been added to the board filter. For more information, see Create a filter in List v3.

Activation information

Visual Task Boards are active by default on new instances. For upgraded instances, you can activate the Visual Task Boards plugin (com.glide.ui.vtb) if you have the admin role.

Additional requirements

UI16 or UI15 is required to use Visual Task Boards.

Browser requirements

  • The latest public release of Firefox or Firefox ESR
  • The latest public release of Chrome
  • Safari version 6.1 and later
  • Internet Explorer version 10 and later
    • Edge mode is supported.
    • Compatibility mode is not supported.
    • Setting Security Mode to High (via the Internet Options > Security tab) is not supported.
    • Internet Explorer 11 is susceptible to memory leaks, which may impact performance, especially in Windows 7.
  • Access Visual Task Boards on your mobile device using either a browser or the native mobile app. See supported devices for more information.