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Istanbul Patch 5 Hot Fix 3

Istanbul Patch 5 Hot Fix 3

The Istanbul Patch 5 Hot Fix 3 release contains fixes to these problems.

For Istanbul Patch 5 Hot Fix 3:
Build date: 06-10-2017_1912
Build tag: glide-istanbul-09-23-2016__patch5-hotfix3-06-07-2017

For more information about how to upgrade an instance, refer to Upgrade to Istanbul.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Istanbul fixed problems, see KB0598935.
Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP.

Fixed problem in Istanbul Patch 5 Hot Fix 3

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce
Performance Analytics


After migration fails, users are unable to rerun migration
  1. Modify system property to use old scores table.
  2. Run any PA collection job to collector some scores, and make sure that some 2nd level scores are collected.
  3. Navigate to pa_scores list, choose a 1st level score which is "parent" of a 2nd level score. Make duplicates manually for this score with the same information (indicator, breakdown, element, breakdown_level2, element_level2, start_at, sys_domain) combination as the original score.
  4. Activate the PA scores migration plugin.
  5. Check migration monitor page.

    It shows that the migration failed.

  6. Navigate to sys_trigger list, and search for name="Migrate old scores".
  7. Right-click the record and click Execute Now.

Expected result: Migration is started and failed again.

Actual result: Migration is not started.

Performance Analytics


During migration the db connections are not released and the data collector can keep running in memory space The migrator does not explicitly release database connections after executing each queries (select and insert). Under some conditions. The migrator may start along with data collectors. Data collectors are deactivated manually before migration; however, they still run in memory space, which causes unexpected duplicates in the new scores table and migration failure.

Performance Analytics


The Performance Analytics Scores Migration Monitor should not reset migration duration after the job has run for 24 hours "Duration" field on migration monitor page is reset after migration runs 24 hours. The issue is only reproducible on instances where migration runs more than 24 hours.
  1. Choose an instance with an extremely large pa_scores table. For example, instance with about 1 billion scores.
  2. Activate scores migration plugin.
  3. Navigate to Migration Monitor page after migration runs 24 hours.

Expected result: "Duration" field shows the correct running time.

Actual result: "Duration" field is reset after 24 hours and accumulates from then (e.g. it becomes 00:00:00 after 24 hours, which should be 24:00:00).

Performance Analytics


The large pa_score_table 'Scores Migration Monitor' takes a long time to update the progress bar inform users about migration staring The progress bar is important because it informs users that the migration has started. The progress bar should be updated in a timely manner.

Service Portal


When users are viewing a KB category, all the article attachments start to download. Make sure you have "Service Portal for Enterprise Service Management" plugin enabled and loaded demo data
  1. Open one of the KB articles.
  2. Attach an image to the text content. For example, upload an image for KB0000008 as an attachment, and insert the image into the text content.
  3. Navigate to the default demo Service Portal home page (https://[instance URL]/sp).
  4. Click Knowledge Base.
  5. Open the browser developer tools and monitor the Network activities.
  6. On the Service Portal page, click one of the categories, which contains the KB you added attachments in step 2. For example, the "Devices" category which contains "KB0000008".
Notice the network activities are downloading the KB attachments even the KB is not opened yet.

Fixes included with Istanbul Patch 5 Hot Fix 3

* Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.